Yoga Burn Reviews: How Many Calories Does Yoga Burn?


Yoga Burn is a unique weight loss program created exclusively for women who wish to remodel and alter their bodies. Over 12 weeks, ladies may revitalize their metabolism, tone their muscles, and acquire the iconic yoga booty that woman craves.

Yoga Burn may be a good fit for you if you’re a woman who likes yoga, has been curious about it, or simply wants an alternate approach to shed pounds and improve your health.

In relation to Yoga Burn

Zoey Bray-Cotton, the creator of the hugely successful yoga curriculum “Her Yoga Secrets,” created Yoga Burn. Using “dynamic sequencing yoga” to achieve a more toned, taut, and seductive physique, Bray-Cotton developed Yoga Burn after going back to the drawing board.

Dynamic sequencing connected to yoga is the notion that you need to following yoga poses in a precise order. They’re made to get harsher over time, so your body can get used to them. By consistently pushing to newer and more hard positions, you may prevent hitting a plateau in the exercise progress.

The best part about Yoga Burn is that it was designed by Bray-Cotton to be progressive, making it suitable for people who are new to yoga. Each week’s yoga sessions get harder as you progress through the program, rather than repeating the same exercises week after week. Increasing your intensity and seeing greater long-term outcomes will be easier with weekly workouts that build on the previous week’s routines.

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An Overview of What is Involved in Yoga Burn.

While the Yoga Burn program is a long 12-week program, it is separated into three main parts. To that end, she adds that while the program is designed to last for 12 weeks, you may extend it if you need more time.

Flexibility, strength, and calorie expenditure are all improved in this three-phase program, each building on the one before it. This follows the notion of dynamic sequencing as mentioned above. The following are the program’s three phases:

Phase 1: Foundational Flow Phase — As you might assume, the first phase aims to expose you to yoga basics so you can have a “foundation” for the program. You’ll learn the essential postures to strengthen your flexibility and start increasing your metabolism without plunging in too deep, too quickly. As a result, you are less likely to become exhausted, suffer an accident, or overwork your muscles.

Phase 2: Transitional Flow Phase – During the transitional flow phase, things will begin to grow more complex. By this point, you’ll be working at a level of intensity that is well above what you experienced during the foundational stage. The metabolism and muscular tone of the majority of women begin to improve dramatically.

This is where the magic of Yoga Burn happens: Phase 3: Mastery Flow. Using your improved strength and flexibility, you’ll find yourself continuously pushed to your limits each day. You’ll truly feel the burn with each workout and notice some substantial changes to your physique each week. You’ll learn positions and advanced sequences that many people never master after years of yoga.

Yoga Burn’s effectiveness can be attributed to these three phases. According to Zoe, most individuals experience the difficulty while practising yoga since they don’t ever build on their success. Instead, each yoga session consists of a different set of positions and sequences.

When the body isn’t in the best possible shape, it can’t do much good. In order to see real changes in your body composition, you must progress and adapt with it.

This is why Zoey stresses that each step builds on the prior – so that your body consistently has to work harder, adjust to the new changes, and continuously develop.

What’s Included in Yoga Burn?

If you opt to get Yoga Burn, you’ll receive both a digital download for your phone or computer, as well as physical DVDs. When you order the program, you have digital access to begin right away, and the DVDs should come within a short while later.

Here’s a rundown of everything included in the Yoga Burn set:

Yoga Burn 12-Week Body Shaping Course: This course includes a fast start session and 20 in-depth position instruction from the three phases of Yoga Burn. There are nine exercise videos in all, which you will perform four times before moving on to the next Yoga Burn phase.

Bonus: Tranquility Flow Class: This is a unique series of sequences aimed for stress alleviation. No calories are burned, but it is a terrific method to de-stress.

Bonus: Basic Audio Versions: You’ll receive audio versions of each lesson to utilize when you are traveling.

Bonus: Women-Only Fitness Community: This is an exclusive group for female fitness enthusiasts. It also gives you access to coaching calls and a place where you can connect with other ladies going through the Yoga Burn program for support.

Yoga Burn Monthly is a free package of DVDs that introduces you to a variety of various forms of yoga. Some of the other types of yoga are Hatha, Kundalini, Vinyasa, restorative yoga.

Benefits of the Yoga Burn Program

No other yoga program compares to Yoga Burn in terms of intensity and effectiveness. Zoe Bray-Cotton, the program’s founder, argues that Yoga Burn should be the primary option for ladies looking to shed pounds and tighten up their figure:

Yoga Burn is meant to produce actual, obvious effects for ladies in a short length of time:

Yoga Burn continuously helps you develop by encouraging you to work more and by challenging you. Achieving your goals by following this method is the only way to get real results.

Yoga Burn routines provide you the flexibility to customize your workout based on your current fitness level and your long-term objectives.

While each sequence builds on the prior, they may still be personalized to your present level and ability. Poses that are too difficult or impossible for you to do will not be required of you. This is a big advantage of Yoga Burn over other traditional yoga courses.

In order to go farther in the program, you must overcome increasing difficulties:

Many yoga sessions don’t push women hard enough, which produces plateaus and poor outcomes. Yoga Burn is designed to keep women moving harder week after week, ensuring that they don’t hit a plateau in their progress.

Yoga Burn may be accomplished in the comfort of your own home:

Many folks don’t feel comfortable attending to courses or working out with others. Yoga Burn may be done right in the comfort of your own home in the most soothing, comfortable atmosphere. Zoe adds that most individuals would like to work at home to minimize their stress levels, which is crucial to avoiding the stress hormone cortisol from running wild.

Men and women have extremely distinct requirements, which is why typical yoga programs don’t function with either of them, as Yoga Burn is. Yoga Burn was designed specifically for women by Zoe. Her intimate awareness of women’s needs is why her curriculum is such an excellent program and why so many women appreciate the outcomes they can see each week.

The Best Way to Purchase Yoga Burn

You may get Yoga Burn directly from the official website, where you’ll notice it is available for $37. You may have instant digital access, plus the physical collections mailed straight to your house. Alternatively, if you have a buddy who wants the program, you may acquire two copies for only $57, saving you each roughly $9 on the agenda.

Plus, Zoe gives a 100 percent money-back guarantee on Yoga Burn. If for any reason you are not content with the program, haven’t seen the effects, or aren’t happy with the program, request a refund, and you’ll receive a complete refund, no questions asked. To contact the firm to order, or ask inquiries, contact them Mon through Fri 9 am – 5 pm EST.

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