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Heartburn No More is characterized as a 5-step method attempting to remove heartburn, acid reflux, and other associated gastrointestinal (GI) illnesses. This resource, put together by Jeff Martin, looks to be based on tried-and-true holistic methods, which Jeff claims helped him beat esophageal cancer.

Finding it more difficult to fall asleep at night due to the increasing discomfort of heartburn? Is there a knot in your throat that won’t budge? If the answer is yes, both of these symptoms are regarded prevalent among persons with acid reflux.

Unfortunately, the implications of ignoring this illness can swiftly become dire. The esophageal tissues are damaged every time stomach acid runs backward via the esophagus. This damage might, over time, increase one’s risk of acquiring cancer. The issue now becomes if a solution exists, the answer is yes, however these traditional methods only give short comfort.

a 53-year-old man by the name of Jeff Martin has lately unveiled a five-step strategy for the successful alleviation of acid reflux Jeff’s doctor first diagnosed him with acid reflux. Not knowing how it grew into cancer, he resolved to further explore the matter at hand. What struck him by surprise is that acid reflux was in no way connected to stomach acidity, lower esophageal sphincter, or food, but rather a predatory bacterium. Fortunately, he ran upon scientist Bob Andrews, who taught him how to stop acid reflux by following five simple procedures. Hence, the existence of Heartburn No More.

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How does Heartburn No More Work?

In essence, Jeff’s results showed that a certain bacteria is at the head of all undesirable gastrointestinal ailments.

According to the official Heartburn No More website, this holistic treatment method is built in such a manner that teaches customers on how to clear the body of this predatory bacterium called H. pylori. Known as Helicobacter pylori, this specific bacteria functions by invading the stomach. Existing evidence suggests that this was something that may have started as early as childhood and persisted into maturity. The regimen employs natural meals rich in nutrients meant to clear the body of the bacteria

It becomes worse since many people don’t show any symptoms right away, and some are completely unaware that they have this bacterium in their body. The fundamental difficulty linked with H. pylori is that the bacteria accumulates and starts harming cells. As they expand throughout our bodies, our cells lose their strength and ability to regulate the production of stomach acid. As a result, the stomach produces too much hydrochloric acid, which rushes up the esophagus and causes acid reflux.

Five nutrients that have been clinically shown to reduce acid reflux are detailed in Heartburn No More. Aside from what are known as “the Heartburn Five,” people will learn about four additional equally vital nutrients that may be found in a wide variety of everyday foods, drinks, oils, and supplements. Others include:

  • 3-food item reflux relief program
  • How eating additional fruits, veggies, and other natural foods may permanently treat a condition
  • 2-day fast acid reflux relief
  • 7 all-natural substances that operate in unison to address the main cause of acid reflux while eradicating H. pylori

What does a purchase of Heartburn No More include?

Heartburn No More has been bundled with The Perfect Vision Protocol and a one-on-one email consultation with Jeff Martin as a way to promote better health throughout the world. Below is an overview of what they entail:

Bonus #1. The Perfect Vision Protocol

The Perfect Eyesight Protocol by Dr. Chen expounds on natural and safe techniques to restore 20-20 vision in as little as two weeks. If this approach is as stated, it includes effective techniques that can aid anybody who has problems with “short-sightedness, long-term problems with your vision,” or “day to day challenges with your eyesight,” as the authors claim. At the time of writing, suggestions as to what these strategies could be have not been revealed.

Bonus #2: Jeff Martin Offers Individual Email Consultation

The second benefit is self-explanatory: customers are offered with the option to further address concerns with Jeff Martin via month-long one-on-one email consultation. Based on the presentation, Jeff will construct custom-designed sessions to cure acid reflux on an unique basis. Consumers must, however, move quickly because it appears that he only has a limited number of spaces available for the month.

How much does Heartburn No More cost?

Combined all the procedures retail for a significantly greater price but to guarantee everyone has an equal shot at heath, the programs have been given in a bundle for $39.00 at the official website.

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