Bioptimizers Magnesium Review: Bioptimizers Blood Sugar Breakthrough


President Wade Lightheart and CEO Matt Gallant lead the nutrition supplement firm BiOptimizers. They have coupled with a team of several leading experts in their disciplines, including Chinese herbal experts, top enzyme specialists, top formulators in the globe, and a man they claim to be the finest plant extractor expert on the planet. Amongst those top team members, they have an expanded roster of teams to assist support all other elements of the organization, including research, marketing, and operations. The confidence and pride they have in their staff come through in their products.

Their goal is to help people get well by improving their overall health. They believe in getting everyone to a level where their bodies are working completely in harmony.

Every 10 bottles they sell, they give out one free bottle to someone in need because they feel compelled to do so. The Anti-Cancer Institute also collaborates with them.

Bioptimizers Magnesium Breakthrough Review – What are They?

President Wade Lightheart and CEO Matt Gallant established BiOptimizers in 2004. Wade and Matt became good friends after meeting in the gym. They both had a personal training experience and a commitment to help individuals become the greatest versions of themselves. As a result of Wade’s experience with the death of his sister from cancer and Matt’s success in helping his closest buddy shed over 200 pounds in a year and a half, the BiOptimizers were born. They agreed that they would build a firm to assist support people’s overall well-being and maximize their health.

In 2004, Matt and Wade started selling workout programs, enzymes, and plant-based protein with this passion in mind. They haven’t looked back since. From their humble origins, they are now part of the top online supplement businesses on the market today.

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BiOptimizers Supplements

All supplements in the biOptimizers lineup implement numerous stringent requirements to assure quality across the board. They are all produced in the USA, FDA authorized, made in a GMP certified facility, and carry the manufacturing COA badge. You may be confident that the items and their contents are clean, safe and have gone through thorough testing to ensure you are getting a quality product.

Almost all of the supplements and packages are more expensive than similarly-priced alternatives on the market. It’s good to see BiOptimizers face this head-on. They own their pricing and publicly mention that they are 200 percent to 400 percent more than most on the market now. Their policy is that there is nothing more costly than a product that doesn’t work. And thus, they promise to go all-in on their formulas and employ optimal and effective doses to achieve outcomes. The price point is something to consider as many won’t be able to pay their high charges.

You may save 10% on all supplements on the biOptimizers site if you subscribe to any of the individual supplements. It’s not much, but you may save a few bucks on each bottle if you are a frequent user.

Breakthrough in Magnesium

This special mix of all seven types of magnesium delivers your body a boost in general wellness. Supplementing with magnesium will help you sleep better and relax more, as well as create strong bones and a healthy heart. Magnesium Breakthrough also works to enhance your immune system.

Most of us get anywhere from 1-2 types of magnesium, and that’s where this product differentiates by giving all 7. Due to this essential aspect, Magnesium Breakthrough can attack multiple health conditions all at once. However, because it is a proprietary combination, we don’t know how much each kind of magnesium contains in every capsule.

1 Bottle of Magnesium Breakthrough: $40.00

Blood Sugar Breakthrough Reviews

With the goal of addressing all cellular components of blood sugar regulation, Blood Sugar Breakthrough was developed. It can enhance blood sugar absorption into the muscles rather than fat, improves athletic performance, aids in glucose metabolism, promotes and balanced inflammatory response, and helps control and stabilize blood sugar surges.

This 100 percent natural medication employs scientifically validated components at clinically established dosages to assist treat any blood sugar problems you may have. As a result of its anti-aging effects on lowering the body’s oxidative stress,

Blood Sugar Breakthrough bottle costs $70.00

Bioptimizers Cognibiotics

This mood enhancer vitamin was intended to promote both a healthy stomach and a healthy brain. It is thought that Cognibiotics, a nootropic combination, boosts cognitive abilities by enhancing the health of the gut bacteria.

The relationship between the stomach and the brain is intricate, both in terms of how they interact and the consequences they have on the body. A gut condition may reveal itself as a brain symptom like brain fog or vice versa. As a result, Cognibiotics is an excellent supplement since it targets both the brain and the body’s immune system. The specialized probiotic mix and prebiotic complex work synergistically to boost your gut flora as well as memory.

Cognibiotics cost $69.00 for a single bottle.

Kapex Bioptimizers

Since many people have digestive issues after switching to a ketogenic diet, KApex was created with them in mind. This supplement is a digestive enzyme that helps boost ketogenesis, fat reduction, and overall energy levels. As you begin to adjust to a ketogenic diet, you may experience less keto flu and exhaustion if you take this supplement to aid digestion of protein and fats.

It aids digestion when used in conjunction with a low-carb diet. Protein is broken down by a wide range of digestive enzymes, and the extra fat is metabolized. KApex also positively reduces stress levels in the body, making it simpler to stay in ketosis.

1 Bottle of KApex: $75.00


Primergen-V is a liquid multivitamin with a vitamin B complex administered in a fulvic acid base for maximum absorption into the body. It is easier for your body to absorb the vitamins because they are in a liquid state. It also avoids the challenge of ingesting a capsule or tablet.

Taking seven drops a day will keep your energy levels up, your blood cells healthy, your brain and eyes healthy, your immunity stronger, and you’ll be protected from any vitamin deficiencies that may emerge. You receive slightly over 100 servings in each bottle, ensuring you are set up for several months without breaking the budget.

1 Bottle of Primergen-V: $29.00


An additional fulvic acid-base beverage, Primergen-M, offers a patented mix of ionic minerals that helps accelerate metabolism, regulate hormones, boost energy, reduce brain fog, and nourish cells

Despite the fact that it sounds like a terrific idea, there is very little information provided regarding the contents of this product. Due to the secret blend, we already don’t know the proportions of the elements inside that blend. Still, biOptimizers provides little information as to what “ionic minerals” are really in this product or any more information about the components for that matter.

Primergen-M costs $39.95 for one bottle.

Herbal Parasite Guardian

It is possible to rid your body of parasites, fungi, and viruses using Herbal Parasite Guardian, a supplement made from a combination of herbs and digestive enzymes. Our is also the first product on this list without a proprietary mix! This ensures you get an exact amount of every component indicated on the bottle.

Turmeric and slippery elm are also included in the supplement to help calm the intestinal lining and battle inflammation. As a bonus, the herbs in this combination are effective against yeast and dangerous germs, so you’re covered from top to bottom. To reap the product’s advantages, consume no more than one capsule each serving. With 90 pills in each bottle, you’ll have plenty to last you for three months in the fight against intestinal parasites.

Herbal Parasite Guardian costs $59.00 for a single bottle.

Powerful Herbal Cleanse

If you feel constipated or feel like it might be time to clean up the pipes, Herbal Power Flush is a product you should consider introducing. It was created with substances that act to clear out any waste that might be lodged in your colon, leaving you feeling clean and clear, making you go to the restroom more often, and aid to maintain an overall healthy digestive system.

This 100 percent plant-based and vegan-friendly mix employs psyllium husk as its major fiber source to help bulk up your stools and helps nourish the gut bacteria. Herbal Power Flush also contains some digestive enzymes to aid support proper digestion. It includes a very light laxative to guarantee you get rid of everything without feeling like you need to spend every waking hour on the bathroom.

$49.00 for one bottle of Herbal Power Flush

Bioptimizers Masszymes Review

Digestive enzymes help your body in breaking down the food you consume so you can absorb more of the nutrients from the proteins, lipids, and carbohydrates. Masszymes employs a combination of proteases and 11 other digestive enzymes to help you better break down your meals.

Enhanced digestion and intestinal health, increased energy, improved concentration, and lessening of any mental fog are just some of the benefits you’ll experience as a result of using this supplement. When you use this product, you may even notice a difference in your skin’s sensitivity to irritating foods and less breakouts altogether. A healthy stomach leads to a much better overall body! Three capsules are required every serving, so if you eat three meals a day, you’ll need to take nine capsules overall. The bottle contains roughly a month’s worth of three times daily use.

1 Bottle of MassZymes: $75.00

HCL Breakthrough Bioptimizers

A hydrochloride and full-spectrum digestive enzyme supplement, HCL Breakthrough helps you maintain healthy stomach acid levels and improves your body’s ability to use nutrients. As you begin to repair the gut, you may find relief from bloating, gas, indigestion, post-meal lethargy, and any pain after meals.

A healthy digestive system relies on stomach acid to activate enzymes necessary for protein digestion, to stimulate the valve closing to prevent stomach acid from splashing back into your esophagus (acid reflux), and to keep the digestive tract functioning normally. Incorporating this supplement into your program will reduce many of the symptoms linked with low stomach acid as well as provide your system a little additional assistance.

1 Bottle of HCL Breakthrough: $29.00

Bioptimizers Gluten Guardian

Gluten Guardian is a digestive enzyme particularly created to help in the digestion of casein (milk protein) and gluten – two extremely prevalent irritants. This product was created with a mix of 6 plant-based proteolytic enzymes that have been proven to break down gluten and three additional digestive enzymes to assist break down carbohydrates and sugars.

It does include a unique mix believed to comprise extracts to increase peptide and amino acid absorption at a cellular level. Ingredients necessitate a boost in the rate of nutritional breakdown and absorption. You may receive relief from bloating, gas, and indigestion with high-carb meals.

1 Bottle of Gluten Guardian: $59.00

Proteomic Advancement

While working out and recovering, this plant-based protein smoothie will help you achieve your fitness objectives. Protein breakthrough gives you with a meal replacement on the run that tastes fantastic and may fulfill any sweet tooth cravings you may encounter. This product is touted as both a protein shake and meal replacement but is mainly meal replacement with over 200 calories per serving.

For healthy digestion, Protein Breakthrough’s recipe includes insoluble fiber, which is included in all of the company’s other products as well as the one in this one. Even though the nutritional information on the packaging is rather excellent, the product only yields 16 servings per container when using two scoops each serving. It also only comes in the chocolate bliss taste So if you aren’t a chocolate aficionado, you will have to miss this product.

1 Tub of Protein Breakthrough: $75.00


P3-OM is a proprietary probiotic and prebiotic mix that contains Lactobacillus Plantarum OM. This mixture helps to assist digestion and nutrition absorption, optimizes digestive function, limits the growth of dangerous bacteria, yeasts, and viruses, improves mood, may aid with weight reduction, and so many more.

It works by strengthening your intestinal barrier, enabling the healing to begin while reintroducing beneficial bacteria cultures to improve digestion. BiOptimizers included in FOS, which might create various troubles for some persons and should be examined before buying.

1 Bottle of P3-OM: $75.00

Gut Guard Leaky

The last product on the biOptimizers lineup is the Leaky Gut Guardian. It comes in two tastes – chocolate carnivore and vegetarian vanilla and serves to promote overall intestinal health. It’s a blend of prebiotic and probiotic bacteria, as well as immunoglobulins obtained from eggs.

The egg immunoglobulins IgY max assist your intestines fill up any holes they may have to start the healing process and better absorb nutrients and more efficient movement. An improved immune system, reduced inflammation, reduced stomach bloating and gas can all be achieved by taking a pre- and probiotic supplement together.

The sole difference between the two varieties is that the chocolate flavor additionally contains bovine collagen and bovine bone broth (carnivore) (carnivore). Vegetarians should stick to vanilla because it doesn’t include the two compounds mentioned above, which have been shown to have additional gut-boosting effects. Both tastes are the same price.

1 Jar of Leaky Gut Guardian: $75.00

BiOptimizers Stacks

BiOptimizers give the option of buying several of their goods in bundles based on their purpose. It might save you some cash if you’re wanting to purchase more than one supplement from this provider. Many bundles, on the other hand, are designed to be taken in a certain regimen, and the number of capsules used each day can quickly mount up. Although sure, you may use the stuff you typically would but just something to keep in mind.

BiOptimized Digestive Health Stack – 7.00

One HCL breakthrough and two MassZymes are included in the BiOptimized Digestive Health Stack. Take five MassZymes and three P3OM capsules in the morning and before night on an empty stomach, then with each meal, take five MassZymes, three P3OM, and two HCL Breakthroughs. This stack works best when taken as directed.

Although this aids your digestive health, you consume roughly 40 pills a day if you follow that plan! This may be considerably too much for many persons, especially if you take additional vitamins during the day. Buying this stack and using it as you see fit can save you money if you love these pills individually.

Dietary Supplements for Healthy Guts – 9.95

The Bulletproof Gut Stack is supposed to make your gut just that, bulletproof (for digesting purposes) (for digestion purposes). Mood enhancing, neurotransmitter enhancing, good bacteria boosting, and bad bacteria eliminating are all goals of these supplements. Combined, they operate symbiotically to produce an efficient gut-boosting program to offer you the benefits of all the items together. Either the chocolate leaky gut guardian or the vanilla leaky gut guardian can be used in conjunction with the other two supplements.

No specific regimen was advised for this stack, therefore it’s advisable to utilize the supplements as per the recommendations on the package.

Bulletproof/Keto/Paleo Stack – 7.00

Each of the three supplements in the Bulletproof/Keto/Paleo Stack comes in its own bottle. It was intended to aid keto, low-carb, and paleo digestion, increase energy and quicken the fat loss process. It is recommended that you start with 3-6 kApex capsules first thing in the morning, followed by 1-2 additional KApex, 2 P3-OM, and 1 HCL Breakthrough pill with each meal.

Try to keep away from kApex after 5 pm, so you don’t interrupt your sleep.

This stack is designed to help you build muscle and strength.

The Muscle-Building Stack is very identical to the Digestive Health Stack; the main difference is that MassZymes are included in this stack instead of P3-OM and HCL Breakthrough. The protocol given in this article differs significantly. For the muscle Building stack, it is suggested at each meal to take 5-10 MassZyme capsules depending on calories, 3 P3-OM capsules, and 2-4 HCL Breakthroughs again depending on the calories on that meal.

For the meals that are heavy in calories, you would take the higher end of that range for both the MassZymes and HCL Breakthrough. This is a ton of pills every day and something huge bear in mind while looking at this stack.

Days of Vacation and Cheat – 7.

The Vacation and Cheat Day Stack is aimed to assist support your digestion during a cheat meal or vacation when you go a bit overboard on the calories. The suggestion for this stack is to take five capsules of Gluten Guardian, 3 of P3-OM, and 3 HCL Breakthrough with each of your cheat meals.

90 Day Total Gut Cleanse Stack – 7.00 (or 7/1 month for three months)

The Total Gut Cleanse Stack was created to eliminate any lingering parasites and harmful bacteria in your gut. Although it’s a bit pricey, it comes with a 90-page detox guide that explains everything you need to know about the process. If you’re unable to make the $977 down payment in one go, the same stack is available with a three-month payment plan.

Bioptimized Brain Stack – 6.95

The Bioptimized Brain Stack is designed to ensure that your brain function and energy are maximized. When you first wake up, take 4-6 kApex capsules for all-day energy, two Cognibiotics capsules, and seven drops each of Primergen-V and M. In addition to the dose you take in the morning, you should take the Primergen-V and M seven times more throughout the day, up to a total of three times.

4.95 for Bioptimized Nervous System (BNS) Stack

The Nervous System Stack, the final of the stacks, was created to provide extra care and support for your nervous system in order to enhance your sleep. The suggested procedure for this stack is a little more comprehensive compared to the others. In the morning, upon rising, you are taking 3-5 kApex capsules, 2 Magnesium Breakthroughs, seven drops of Primergen-V, and 7 of Primergen-M. Lunchtime doses are halved to 1-2 kApex and 2 Magnesium, but they remain the same for Primergen (7 and 7). In the afternoon, you’re going to do another seven drops of the Primergen V and M and lastly 60-90 minutes before bed, and you are going to take two magnesium.

What a lot of work! If you are someone who isn’t excellent at remembering to take your vitamins during the day, you may want to avoid this package!

Customers’ Experiences with BiOptimzers

The evaluations on the BiOptimizers website demonstrate that the clients who are buying these supplements are happy. Although there aren’t many reviews, all of the goods are rated far above the average rating of four stars.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that they’re unlikely to provide any negative feedback about a business online. There may be some ordinary reviews among the five-star ones, so it’s hard to tell if they’re all hand-picked, but it’s rare to find anything less than a four-star rating. Any of their most popular goods are also available on Amazon, and so we checked here for some possible variance in feedback.

Because we all have distinct bodies, dietary requirements, and health objectives, the outcomes will vary from person to person while using any supplement. There will always be those who don’t see any benefit from the supplement or are unsatisfied with it. Always check for the bulk of the reviews, since this will generally be the most accurate portrayal of the supplement.

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